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***RUNWAY 4-22 UPDATE*** as of 10/1/2016

It is time to cut some trees! 

It has been a long journey from checking into the price to cut down trees north of runway 04 two years ago until today. We have made a great deal of progress.  We have been able to get permission from both of the landowners of land in the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ), to cut trees. We have a permit from Natural Heritage to cut trees, (not during turtle season) of course. We have a plan with wetlands flagged in the RPZ. Our Plan has been included in the draft vegetation management plan update for KTAN. We have Mass. DOT aeronautics helping us with this submission and their consultant Stantec working on our behalf.

Now we need your help! Please consider what a great place this is for tail draggers, light sport and sport airplanes and how we would like to preserve this for the future.

We have spent almost $10,000. dollars to date. We would like to thank all who have given and participated. Our challenge now is to raise the funds to cut the trees. Unfortunately because they are in a wetland it requires machines on tracks that are low impact. If in fact we get substantial rain between now and November 1, it would also require mats be used. This makes the process very costly. The price could be as high as $35,000.00 or as low as $25,000.00 depending on how wet it is.

Remember we are a 501c3 so all money donated is tax deductible. Also we would consider donations of airplanes or cars or other valuables.

You may contact one of us, mail or drop off a check, or donate through our GoFundMe page.


Thank you for your support!


***RUNWAY 4-22 UPDATE*** as of 9/16/2015

Just to bring everyone up to date on our efforts to save Runway 4-22: Very little was done while waiting for the airport commission and the engineer (ASG) to give us the coordinates for the Runway Protected Zone (RPZ).

We were not given the coordinates for the “clear zone” (or, RPZ) at the north end of the runway until after a sunset clause was put into the Master Plan, mandating prompt removal of some trees to keep the runway open.

We have received written permission from the owner of the larger property north of the runway to clear trees. However, while we are in verbal agreement with the owner of a smaller property (actually just a road), we are awaiting written permission to cut down his trees.

We will begin surveying the exact limits of the runway clear zone as soon as we obtain these written permissions. We will then be in a position to hire a contractor to cut the trees. We have received informal “guesstimates” that the cost will be reasonable and two of our members are working to make this happen soon.

TPA will be asking for tax-deductible donations as soon as we have an estimate for the entire project. Please keep this vital improvement to our airport in mind for your 2015 and 2016 charitable giving.

You may wish to contact Steve Goldin or Steve Proffetty directly for more information or to keep abreast of the latest developments.

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  1. Frank Nowak said:

  2. Frank Nowak said:

    Attention all TPA members: This is from your Vice President Steve Goldin.

    Friends of Runway 4/22
    It has been a long journey. It’s been almost two years since the start of my efforts in volunteering to check the price to clear trees on the approach to runway 22. We have made a great deal of progress.
    To date our accomplishments are as follows:
    Approval letters received from both landowners to cut and remove trees from the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ)
    Natural Heritage has granted us permission to cut trees from the period of November 1st to March 31st (during the eastern box turtle inactive season)
    The wetlands have been delineated and a vegetation management plan drawn up by a licensed consulting engineer and registered sanitarian & soil scientist
    Our wetland plan has been included in the KTAN airport’s updated vegetation management plan
    Mass DOT aeronautics in conjunction with their consultant, Stantec are aiding with the wetlands submission
    Our intention is to have our Wetlands Delineation and Tree Removal Plan as part of final approved vegetation management plan (VMP).
    Upon final approval our intentions are to cut and remove the problematic trees within the RPZ. To date, we have spent approximately $10,000.00 getting to this point and we’d like to thank all those who have given and/or participated. Our next challenge is to raise the necessary funds for the actual tree removal. Unfortunately, because some of the trees are in wetlands it requires machines on tracks that are low impact. If in fact there is substantial rain between now and November 1st, it would also require mats be used. This makes the process very costly. The price could be as high as $35,000.00 or as low as $25,000.00 depending on how wet it is.
    The goal would be to raise $35,000.00 for the tree removal phase of the project. I will be donating $5,000.00 towards this goal and we would ask that everyone consider some type of contribution. If you are a pilot that uses the crosswind runway, we ask you consider a minimum contribution of $1,000.00. If you do not use runway 4/22 on a regular basis please consider a donation for its emergency landing value to all of us. If this is a cash flow concern, we ask that you pledge to pay $250.00 per year for 4 years. We will front the money for all who pledge. Also we would consider other donations such as airplanes, cars or valuables. Remember we are a 501c3 therefore all money donated is tax deductible.
    We know this is a lot to ask, but please consider the great value that this crosswind runway provides for tail draggers, light sport and sport airplanes not only now but for future generations to use.
    Time is of the essence. The airport’s master plan calls for the closing of the crosswind runway by this winter unless the tree obstructions are removed. Please help keep the oldest runway in Massachusetts open!!

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