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Self serve fuel is the future of General Aviation!

TPA believes that Taunton should be a leader by aggressively pursuing 100LL AVGAS self service, which will make our airplanes more useful and our airport more of a destination.

This may not be easy to do. However, The Association hopes to work with the Taunton Municipal Airport Commission, Massachusetts DOT Aeronautics, the Federal Aviation Administration and all other parties to resolve any barriers to this goal. Self serve fueling is working very well at airports our members fly to, all over the country, and it will be a very worthwhile addition to our airport.

Several TPA members, led by Frank Nowak and Steve Goldin, are researching this issue and we will have much more information to post in the near future.

3/25/15 Taunton Airport Commission monthly meeting

This is taken from the New Business section:

“Fred (Terra) reported that at the same meeting with the fire department, with all the new regulations that went into effect January 1, 2015, self-service fueling is now allowed at Ma airports, which is good news for everyone. We will be looking into funding so that we can get self-fueling here”


Massachusetts airports with self-serve fuel:

***Mansfield (1B9) 100LL 24/7 Self Service***

Northampton (7B2) 100LL 24/7 Self Service

Lawrence (KWLM) 100LL 24/7 Self Service (Municipal Airport)

Falmouth (5B6) 100LL 24/7 Self Service


Newport State RI (KUUU) 24/7 Self Service

Westerly RI (KWST) 24/7 Self Service

Chester CT (KSNC) 24/7 Self Service

Danielson CT (KLZD) 24/7 Self Service

5 thoughts on “Self Serve Fuel”

  1. Doug Cooper said:

    Mansfield now has 24/7 self serve 100LL, and they received a grant from MAC to make it happen! What do YOU think about that, TPA members?

  2. Frank Nowak said:

    We need to talk to management over there and find out the details.

  3. mike dupont said:

    I talked with Bob the manager at Mansfield. It ended up costing them only about 7000.00 out of pocket for the system after grants. POne thing Taunton needs to attract new customers and tie down tenanats is service. The fuel service the way it is operated now is ridiculous. Its like the fuel guy is doing you a favor. Has anyone had to deal with the attitude of the weekend kid? Not Scotty but the other kid? Complains every time he has to pump fuel.

    • Doug Cooper said:

      Some of the linemen are better than others (Scotty) but it is well known that the fuel service at TAN is terrible, with the pump often unattended or closed during the advertised hours. Self serve is the solution and it is always item 1 or 2 on the requested improvements by airport users, yet it is just not a priority for the commission. They want to spend our money on “other” priorities, which they will not name. What’s going on here?

  4. Frank Nowak said:

    Another great TPA breakfast was held at hangar #11 Sunday….thanks for all the help, especially Al who arrived @ 0530 for setup! The grill staff was great with Nina, Steve, John and Al pitching in to cook and serve. Many thanks to all the others who helped with the clean up. This was our last breakfast for the year and we all look forward to next season’s events. FLY SAFE!

    Frank N.

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